Mouthwash is a surprisingly versatile travel tool. I take a small bottle of the stuff with me wherever I go. Here are just a few things it can do:


** Antiseptic — You can use it to disinfect small cuts and scrapes. Pour a little mouthwash over the cut and let it run off into the sink or tub. Then you can dry your skin and apply a bandage.

** Hand Sanitizer — When you run out of hand sanitizer, refill the bottle with mouthwash.

** Deodorant — If you forget your deodorant, or you run out, splash some mouthwash on clean underarms for a quick emergency fix.


** Flower Freshener — Before you put cut flowers into a vase, mix two tablespoons of mouthwash with one gallon of water and fill the vase with the mixture. The mouthwash will kill germs that reduce how long your flowers last.

** Garlic Odor Killer — Get rid of garlic and other odors by washing your hands, then pouring some mouthwash into your palm and spreading it all over your hands. Then, let your hands air-dry.

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